Our Code of Conduct

Over the years we’ve enjoyed making connections with those that share our ideals about responsible sourcing and sustainability and as we grow we wanted to distil into words our mission and ethos. We want to send a clear and strong message to our peers, prospective clients and suppliers about our ethics; ethics we think should be part of practice for everyone in the jewellery industry. 

Since our inception, The Rock Hound has been committed to the responsible sourcing of precious metals and gemstones. We strive, in all areas of our business, to use the most sustainable methods of sourcing and think carefully over the choices we make, down to the tea we drink in our East London Studio. 

We’ve spent a long time consulting with Levin Sources to come up with a Supplier Agreement and Code of Conduct that protects the values that The Rock Hound holds and we are delighted to be able to share that with those we do business with. 

These documents are in no way a barrier for those that do not meet our vision, they are simply a starting block in opening an honest dialogue about practices; if a company’s practices don’t meet our values it is not a point for us to part ways, but the start of our collaboration to work with our supplier to understand their working methods and for us to devise a sustainable action plan where we can provide support to bring their standards closer to ours.  

For further information get in touch at studio@therockhound.com

The Fairtrade Certified Gold in our GoldRush and RockStars 2019 Edits collections comes from artisanal and small-scale mines (ASM) that meet the Fairtrade Standard for Gold. This means the gold has been responsibly mined and that the miners have received a Fairtrade Minimum Price and Premium, giving communities in these developing countries the opportunity for better living and working conditions.

ASM mining relies heavily on physical labour as they have minimal technology and insufficient machinery. In contrast to Fairtrade certified mines, they operate illegally and with little to no health and safety measures. The unskilled handling of toxic chemicals such as mercury and cyanide poses severe risks to miners, their communities and the natural environment. ASM organisations are unable to benefit from the profits made on their gold by traders who can purchase large volumes and wait for prices to be high.  

Gold that meets the Fairtrade Standard assures consumers that the jewellery they buy offers miners improved: 

  • Health & safety 

  • Gender equality 

  • Organisational transparency and democracy

  • Environmental management practices

  • Minimum price of 95% of LBMA daily fix

  • Premium paid to mining groups of $2000 USD per kilo

  • Producer support for monitoring progress of their group


The benefits of Fairtrade Gold will positively affect everyone for the good. For more information visit the Fairtrade Website.


All images are Nueva Esperanza minersí association & Santa Filomena street scenes and local school photos courtesy of Nigel Wright