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An Evening Of Light & Colour With Anita Shenoi


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Step into spring with light and colour

Join us at our kaleidoscopic studio for an exclusive peek at our new, responsibly sourced, coloured gemstone jewellery. Lets toast to Spring with a glass of Rosé and shake off those dull Winter tones. 

Anita Shenoi

No-one would deny the thrill of owning a gorgeous coloured gem, but did you know it could be as essential to your health as to your happiness?

Gemmologist and coloured light therapist Anita Shenoi will be here to talk to us about the use of gems as ‘vitamins’ throughout history and introduce us to the science behind the benefits of light and colour. There will be plenty of opportunity to try the Monocrom light mask too.

The Monocrom Light Mask gives you the unique chance to experience pure colour, with its emotional and biological benefits. As you slide through the rainbow and choose any desired wavelength sequence, the experience is a very exciting and personal one, with virtually endless combinations.


Starseeds is the most feel-good yoga and loungewear on the Planet. They select ultra soft and sustainable jersey fabrics, including organic cotton, bamboo, ramie, or recycled blends and create transitional 'urban-to-workout' pieces. SS are a bit obsessed with finding the right lines and angles that will compliment your natural body shapes. All that to make you feel fantastic in your second skin Starseeds gear.

SS care about the full package. Ethical and responsible production are our core values. The clothing tags are woven in a silky touch bamboo tape, the paper hangtags are made of recycled seeded paper, which you can plant, and the gift bags- recycled paper blended with almond shells. 

As a ‘slow fashion’ label they create timeless designs with a contemporary feel. Every capsule collection is a new colour journey: always inspired by nature. They play a lot with unisex ath-leisure fashion. Mixing Starseeds with your casual staple pieces allows you to wear them to work, take a break, do couple of inversions and get a different perspective. 

Wearing Starseeds makes you feel good inside-out. Which is why our everyday mantra is 'the lightness of being'.

Have a question for Starseeds?

 +44 7595600669

East London Juice Co.

Colour inside & out. We are delighted to be joined by the East London Juice Co. who will be bringing their refreshing and cleansing juices, all in bold natural colours. 

"We craft botanic + medicinal combinations with organic, fairly-traded, or wild-harvested ingredients + have refined our methods to find synergies with ingredients. We refuse to work with agave (cheap wannabe) refined sugars (too demanding), ‘natural flavourings’ (timewasters), gluten (bad vibes) and peanuts (gambler) + not high pressure pasteurised ( why bother ?!)".

Their mission is...

To be an ambassador for the extended conceptualisation of what art + nourishment can be when curated + introduced by attention to intention. 

To nurture passion for truth in production + vision. 

To build an aspirational permaculture framework for responsible consumers + to participate in all that is nourishing.

We are leveraging our mission by residing in the Ace Hotel + transforming from a temporary pop up around the corner to a permanent pop by dispensary starting April 14th, 2016

Have a question for the East London Juice Co.?

+44 7482 244218

The Rock Hound

Here is our GoldRush Collection, about to launch with a POP of colour. 


**We are now at full capacity for this event.**

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