Say Hello To Our New Collection, Chromanteq

Celebrate Kalediscopic Colour

Chromanteq fits not just one but two of the Spring/Summer 2017 trends set by Adorn Insight; Graphic Punch and Craft Tech. Using state of the art systems, hand-drawn designs are transformed into 3D wax prints and unique cut gemstones are 3D scanned meaning each setting is made to only ever fit that stone. These prints are then cast in recycled, precious metals and coated in a kaleidoscopic array of nano ceramics. Responsibly sourced gemstones, in equally colourful hues, are then set and mounted, creating unconventional and exclusive pieces. No two compositions will ever be the same.

Chromanteq exhibits a myriad of coloured gemstones from around the world, chosen for their stunning examples of saturation and life. Brilliantly green Namibian Demantoids, vivid blue Tourmaline, orange Mandarin Garnet and hot pink Mahenge Spinel. Urban-mined gemstones are also used. Gemstones found in antique jewellery are given a new lease of life - sparkling pink Kunzite and warm pinky-orange Morganite. Underneath the vibrant nano ceramics you will find recycled 18ct White Gold, whilst 9ct Rose Gold shines simply, chosen for its warm tones. The collection is made up of drop earrings, rings and pendants; only one of each design will ever exist and all pieces will be made to order.