IJL's Editors' Choice Awards WINNERS

Following on from the success of our first ever trade show in September 2016, we decided that will be exhibiting again at this years International Jewellery London. We entered our fine jewellery collection, Chromanteq into the Editor's’ Choice Awards and have been presented with the Technical Trailblazer award!

The winners of all catagories were selected by two judges, Claire Adler, luxury communications consultant and Finanical times contributor and Event Director, Sam Willoughby. The Technical Trailblazer title was awarded to the brand or designer showcasing exceptional craftsmanship with technical finesse and a sound appreciation of both traditional and contemporary making skills.

We're really proud and so excited that our handwork is paying off. We keep pushing the boundaries of design with our ever evolving Chromanteq collection. Being a trained gemmologist, Susi's passion and knowledge is demonstrated through the use of exceptional gemstones and crystals chosen for their saturation and life. Previous pieces have shown the natural beauty of brilliantly green Namibian Demantoids, vivid blue Afghan Tourmaline, Mandarin Garnet and hot pink Mahenge Spinel amplified by a kaleidoscopic array of nano ceramic coatings. New pieces, which are due to be unveiled at IJL 2017, exhibit mini geodes and copper plated druzy introducing a fresh, feminine tactility and finish. Don't worry, our signature nano ceramic coatings will still feature but in never seen before colour combinations! Partnering this unparalleled, ever expanding treasure trove of gemstones with a blend of time honoured and contemporary techniques, we are able to and will continue to create unconventional and exclusive pieces.

“All the way from sketching with gouache paints to the nano ceramic coating, The Rock Hound pieces are a delicious burst of olour and a fusuon of old-world techniques with a totally fresh finish. I love them!”

Claire Adler, Luxury Communications Consultant

Rachel Taylor, IJL’s trend editor has already picked up on Chromanteq fitting into her Spring/Summer 2018 trends. Chase The Rainbow celebrates coloured ceramics and plating techniques that bring you surreal colour statements and gemstones that create accent flashes. Watch this space!