Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Awards 2017

“Known affectinonately as the ‘Oscars of the Industry’, the Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Awards are the only peer reviewed technical and creative awards in the United Kingdom.”
The Rock Hound Designer, Susi Smither with Goldsmiths Council Chairman Jos Skeats

The Rock Hound Designer, Susi Smither with Goldsmiths Council Chairman Jos Skeats


We are delighted to announce that on Monday night at The Goldsmith Craft and Design Awards, our designer Susi Smither was awarded Bronze in the 3D Design Technological Innovation category. For this, we entered our Kunzite & Morganite Green Chromanteq Earrings. Momentum has been building around our fine jewellery collection since its unveiling at IJL in September 2016. To receive an award when up against some of the most respected jewellers and their spectacular pieces is most definitely the icing on the cake! 



Kunzite, Morganite & Demantoid Earrings

18ct recycled white gold, green nano ceramic coated cocktail earrings with Namibian Demantoids 1.06cts; Kunzite 10.53cts; Morganite 6.79cts

These earrings were our first creation for the Chromanteq Collection. They will always be one of the most precious to us, not only because of this but the extended amount of time invested into the sourcing. These sensational gemstones took Susi around two years to match up! The two large trillions - Kunzite and Morganite, have both been urban-mined from antique jewellery purchased through auction and brought back to life with a little TLC. Chosen for their colour, these trillions now flourish alongside each other, enlightening viewers in the subtleties of the pink gemstone spectrum: bubblegum pink Kunzite and peachy Morganite. These stones sit nestled in a white gold, nano ceramic coated cup and are suspended from a string of scintillating Demantoids sourced from The Green Dragon Mine in Namibia. 

With our Chromanteq Collection we want to exhibit naturally coloured gemstones to their full potential. Through using a new electroplating technique, nano ceramic, we are able to coat precious metals in an array of vibrant colours that play off one another to create an unrivalled luminosity and truly mesmerising combinations.

To read more about how we create this collection, read our dedicated blog here.