HotRocks is here!


We have expanded our jewellery ranges with a new silver collection. HotRocks is easily identifiable as an extension our brand as it features our signature nano ceramic coatings but we're having fun pushing the boundaries with shapes and form.

Utilising our gemmological knowledge, we have handpicked each quartz crystal as exquisite examples of their crystal system. To highlight the beautifully complex crystal system structures, all exhibited in this collection are trigonal. Each subsequent edit of the HotRocks collection will feature crystals from contrasting habits.

Singular crystal wands with horizontal striations running the length of alternate sides features alongside clusters of perfectly formed hexagonal prisms, capped by pyramids or rows of perfectly twinned crystals are all featured.

Moulds of the crystals are created and then cast in recycled silver. This process enables each piece to retain the microscopic details of their original growth structures, encapsulating the inherent natural beauty of crystallography. Some casts are left in their natural entirety while others have specially selected characteristics isolated to create abstract forms. Hexagonal terminations construct stud earrings, twinned crystals forge pendants, open bangles with matching end points and cufflinks of asymmetrical form.