Rough Topaz & Diamond Engagement Ring

Our oath to the newly engaged : A truly unique union 


Here at The Rock Hound, we offer a bespoke design service. Whether you have clear idea or just a story, a particular gemstone you would like to use or an old piece of jewellery you would like to give a new lease of life to, we will be able to work with you, inspire and bring your piece to life.


A little while ago, we were approached by a young man who was in a bit of a quandary about engagement rings. He had the romantic getaway booked, the beautiful words planned and even the knee bend down but he didn't have the ring... 

Knowing that his partner would like something "different", "ethically made" and "colourful", we had our work set out for us.

Our client didn't know where to start but we knew exactly what to do!

With only a couple of weeks until the secret proposal, we decided to make a simple promise ring so that the couple could then design their engagement ring together.  After a few secret meet ups and hushed phone calls, we handed our nervous client a charming 18ct Rose Gold band, engraved with their initials and the words "will you marry me?". 

The perfect future family heirloom. 

(She said YES!)


Upon their return, they both excitedly visited the studio. We talked through their ideas, inspirations and set the budget over a glass of bubbly. The bride to be already had her heart set on an Imperial Topaz but didn't know where to source one. We reached out to our contact in Brazil where they were able to mine exactly what we were looking for and had a few crystal samples delivered to the studio within a couple of weeks.

Imperial is one of the most sought after and highly prized Topaz colours and it is also the birthstone of the bride to be, November. Which coincidentally, is the month they got engaged. Sweet.

With the Topaz on our drawing board, we all three decided that the ring needed a little something else. We sourced two yellow dodecahedral Diamonds, one 0.49 carats and the other 0.25 carats, to sit either side, they instantly added another pop of colour and glamour! All three stones were left in their raw form, letting mother nature speak for herself in all of her pure, unrefined glory. 9ct Rose Gold was used for the setting as it was a much deeper and warmer hue than the 18ct Rose Gold used for their promise ring. 

Once we had decided on gemstones and metals, our designer, Susi Smither, got straight to the drawing board.



Using state of the art systems, the stones and our approved drawings were scanned and a CAD produced.  Our client tweaked a few design elements and then it was straight to the 3D wax printer! 


Casting complete, stones set and polished to perfection.

We packaged the ring in our beautiful exotic leather pouch and hand delivered it to our clients. 

If you would like to participate in creating your own unique piece of jewellery then please contact us today to discuss your ideas.