CanadaMark™ Jewellery Design Competition 2016

Wishing upon a star

There are many jewellery design competitions throughout the year however when we heard that CandaMark™ were looking for entries to their inaugural Jewellery Design Competition, we couldn't wait to take part. We love their commitment to the environment as well as the support they give their local community. Click here for more information on sourcing in Canada.

The first job for any rock hound is to source the right stone. CandaMark™ specialise in diamonds which have been mined in either the Ekati or Diavik mines, both located in the Northwest Territories of Canada. What makes CanadaMark™ unique though, is that each, individual diamond is tracked from the source through an audited process, all the way through to a polished stone. This is then verified by a unique serial number, which is laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond, along with the CandaMark™ logo, which corresponds to the certification card.

By going through this process of independent auditing, you can be assured that each diamond adhere's to CanadaMark's™ strict guidelines on colour, clarity and cut and also that it is 100% natural and untreated. 

We wanted to go one step further, so with help from our supplier Kathy Chappell at The Ethically Sourced Diamond Company Ltd,  we tracked down a diamond cut by Master Diamond Cutters - Embee Diamonds. The cut is so unique that when it arrived it was the first one of its kind in the UK.

Introducing the Sirius Star® Cushion cut diamond - The World's brightest diamond™.

This diamond needed an extra special ring which wouldn't detract from the scintillation of the diamond but instead encapsulate it and give it the breathing space it needed to shine. Susi Smither, our Designer and Founder, designed a setting which would suspend the gemstone in the centre of the mount as if a shooting star, with the tail of the star wrapping asymmetrically around the finger as if in flight. To invoke lightness, we've used responsibly sourced Platinum so that the ring did not need supports between the bands of the tail. 

Out of the many international entries, we are delighted to be shortlisted to the final fifteen. Now the rest is up to a public vote which closes on 8th May 2016.

To see all the entries and to vote with a chance to take home the winning design please visit