Hammer Time

Who says all of the focus should be on the bride? Not this untraditional couple. Not one to be outdone, the groom to the bride we made the Imperial Topaz Engagement Ring and custom fit wedding band for wanted a bespoke wedding band for himself too. Our client wanted to go a step further and have a hand in actually creating the piece to make it truly unique.

We discussed various options and in the end decided to go with a simple, heavy weight silver wedding band with a finishing technique called hammering. The simplicity and organic feel of the ring fitted the grooms aesthetic and it was a way in which both bride and groom could be involved in the creation process. Hammering is also a great way to get rid of a few of those wedding stresses! 

Placing the ring blank on the ring mandrel, the couple (in turns) hammered lightly around the entire ring until the desired, dimpled effect was achieved. Happy with the final texture, Susi demonstrated how to use the polisher so they could then finish it off. We then had the ring black rhodium plated to give it a little more toughness and style. 

You could always make something like this even more personal by adding an engraving specific to you and your partner. The perfect family heirloom. 


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